Who Sang Ana Paula? Juan Son

Release information
Release Date: 2009-12-5
Genre: Electronic Jazz Rock Latin Non-Music Pop
Style: Alternative Rock/Neo-Classical/Experimental/Indie Rock/Noise
Ana Paula se fue
Ana paula ya no esta
and i may not believe
that she stayed for such a time
and right now i am sure
she is happily laughing now
and she saw what it was
our complicated lifes
and somehow inside me
i feel a beautiful peace
even tough many plans
seem completely unfulfilled
many times problably
obviously im quite naive
you achieved what many
never ever ever will
instantly with yourself you implanted it as seed
of your love and your traits
that no one will ever be
oh my darling
life down here
is quite afirm
months are longer than they used to be
and the silence you left in the wooden house
seems to starren to dissapear
but i have a secret secret weapon
very low budget
highly effective
but i have a very
secret weapon
very low budget
highly effective
and that is that i love

Alguien ha venido del futuro
y evitado mi embarazo
y solo tengo algo que decir
y es huohoho (huohoho), huohoho, (huohoho)

si tu eres de los que les cuesta olvidar
mejor evita tu pasado
el limite es la imaginacion
huohoho (huohoho), huohoho (huohoho)

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