Who Sang Unicorn's Puberty? Juan Son

Release information
Release Date: 2009-12-5
Genre: Electronic Jazz Rock Latin Non-Music Pop
Style: Alternative Rock/Neo-Classical/Experimental/Indie Rock/Noise
You are the one who saw that Unicorn
p___rty is not what used to be
When the gallow wasn´t meant to kill
Anxiousness was old as it is.
By dark I really mean it dark
You dont know how hard its being to be a lonely child and navigate to feel your game the year the game was I was released.
You dont need being now where I come from my parents are divorcing and I Had to spend my p___rty inside a shopping mall
By dark I really mean it dark
By dark I really mean it dark
Theres woman playing beautiful harps And she is going in a flaming flying car Caaaar caaaar
What you gonna do

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