Who Sang Bailey's Song? Judie Tzuke

Release information
Release Date: 1991
Genre: Rock Pop
length: 3:41
I'm captured by your spell, I have no way of knowing when I will wake up from this dream
You can never tell when something so strong can tear you from this mainstream

Like a young tree your branches reach and hold me
I'm a willing prisoner of your innocence
When I think of how I love you

I'll live inside your heart like a flower in the shadow of a mountain
A beacon in the dark, you lead me to a place that I am safe in

Till the sound of your voice is controlling
I'm drowning in the clouds of your warm breath
When I think of how I love you

You call out in the night
You fall into my arms and I can't say no
A little shaft of light
A tiny hand to hold and I won't let go
No I won't let go

CD 1
  • 1 One Day I Will Live in France
  • 2 I Could Feel You
  • 3 Liam
  • 4 Left Hand Talking
  • 5 Jesus Was a Cross Maker
  • 6 Stay With Me Till Dawn
  • 7 God Only Knows
  • 8 Bailey's Song
  • 9 Calling Me Back
  • 10 Outlaws