Who Sang Thrill Me? Judith

Release information
Release Date: 1999-9-20
Genre: Pop
length: 6:47
Come and see me – feel me
Now or never
Heal me – thrill me
I hope forever
Heal me tonight- will be by my side
My Love ...
Is it true I can rely on you

When I saw you there for the first time
Standing alone at the night train
I´ve been laying my heart on the line
This love will last for a life time
I´m missing your touch – give me your sign
With you I feel eternity

You will never be alone
Come on let us face the storm
We can just rely on love
I will never break your heart


Come and see me – feel me ...

Show me your love and emotions (2x)
I´m holding on for this moment – we´ll never be apart
Wanna live and love the desire
I wanna see your love growing higher
I wanna feel you traight from the heart

You will never be alone ...


Come and see me – feel me

But darling thrill me – steal my lonely heart tonight
Can´t you see it I love you more than words i can say
Heal me tonight – will you be by my side, my love
Is it there I can rely on you

CD 1
  • 1 I Can Still Believe (album version)
  • 2 We Gonna Stay Together (album version)
  • 3 If Paradise Is Half as Nice (Radiomix)
  • 4 Still in My Heart
  • 5 True Colors
  • 6 Celebrate Youth
  • 7 Crush on You
  • 8 Thrill Me
  • 9 This Is How I Feel
  • 10 Mama
  • 11 I'll Be There for You
  • 12 Close Enough
  • 13 Let the Sun Shine Through
  • 14 Couse Your Eyes