Who Sang Lovin' & Leavin'? Judy Collins

Release information
Writer(s): Judy Collins
Release Date: 1995
length: 3:54
In the sky the phantom moon appears at midday
To join the sun in some forgotten dance
In their light our voices tremble with reflections
Of what we know and what we leave to chance

The heart can see beyond the sun
Beyond the turning moon
And as we look the heart will teach us
All we need to learn

We have dreams, we hold them to the light like diamonds
Stones of the moon and splinters of the sun
Some we keep to light the dark nights on our journey
And shine beyond the days when we have won

The heart can see beyond our prayers
Beyond our fondest schemes
And tell us which are made for fools
And which are wise men's dreams

Trust your heart
Trust your heart

CD 1
  • 1 History
  • 2 Lovin' & Leavin'
  • 3 Sanity & Grace
  • 4 Doughters of Time
  • 5 Born to the Breed
  • 6 Moonfall
  • 7 Morning Has Broken
  • 8 When a Child Is Born
  • 9 Jerusalem
  • 10 The Life You Dream