Who Sang Horns Surrounding Me? Julia Holter

Julia Holter Loud City Song cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-8-19
length: 4:47
producer: Julia Holter and Cole M.G.N.
mixer: Cole M.G.N.
engineer: Peter Granet
arranger: Cole M.G.N. and Julia Holter
assistant engineer: Kenny Gilmore and Jake Viator
writer: Julia Holter
Few times do I feel the breeze
of a cold night.
So I recall the words of lovers sadly in the sun,
unending sun: "We will run forever with the hot timpani bang!"
As the sound recedes, bored lover falls asleep and disappears.
Horns surrounding me sing so forcefully and high!
Horns surrounding me sing so forcefully and high!
Moon, they forget how soft heart is, unfolding over time.
Heart, don't forget how young we are! We wander sofly.
Seen through a window, my love blurred, mute, and slow.
I offer roses to nothing.
The answer absent.

CD 1
  • 1 World
  • 2 Maxim’s I
  • 3 Horns Surrounding Me
  • 4 In the Green Wild
  • 5 Hello Stranger
  • 6 Maxim’s II
  • 7 He’s Running Through My Eyes
  • 8 This Is a True Heart
  • 9 City Appearing