Who Sang I Would Rather See? Julia Holter

Julia Holter Aviary cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2018-10-26
length: 4:51
I and her face
Brighter than chariots
Or foot soldiers
Torn iron under the bridges
Her chariots
Shouting Lydians and
Ranks of foot-soldiers
Impossible misstep
Unexpected licking struck her as
Rather bold
Her step motion on
Her step motion on

Fast fast fast chariots and
Wounded foot soldiers
Rush in but
Not to be too toward
And to shuffle the light
To offend her chariots
Lydians sadly outstretched
Firm ranks in place
Designed as a possible way into
Unexpected fantasies
We'd rather watch her step
We'd rather watch her step toward
Motion on
Motion on
Chariots, solid ground
Stop, slowly on
Stop, stop, slowly on

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