Who Sang Promised Land? Julian Cope

Julian Cope Peggy Suicide cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1991-4-29
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Psychedelic Rock/Indie Rock/Pop Rock
length: 3:40
composer: Julian Cope
lyricist: Julian Cope
I'm out in my walking shoes
I'm walking to my promised land
Been talking and talked to
The devil he's at my right hand
And Jesus too
Waiting to help and

Waiting for my answers
Waiting for my prayer to find me there
Promised land

I'm walking through every shire
I pray that I will be received
The hate that she inspires
Has to be seen to be believed
And yet so scared
Witless and wondering

Every man is frightened
Praying for enlightened days ahead
Promised land

Walk on freedom shore
Won't see me again
See me no more
Gone to my promised land

CD 1
  • 1 Pristeen
  • 2 Double Vegetation
  • 3 East Easy Rider
  • 4 Promised Land
  • 5 Hanging Out & Hung Up on the Line
  • 6 Safesurfer
  • 7 If You Loved Me at All
  • 8 Drive, She Said
  • 9 Soldier Blue
  • 10 You…
  • 11 Not Raving but Drowning
  • 12 Head
  • 13 Leperskin
  • 14 Beautiful Love
  • 15 Western Front 1992 CE
  • 16 Hung Up & Hanging Out to Dry
  • 17 The American Lite
  • 18 Las Vegas Basement