Who Sang Walk Down? Julie Driscoll

Release information
Release Date: 1971
Genre: Jazz Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Acoustic/Jazz-Rock/Folk
length: 4:11
If we want to be free, we must find our direction
And stay on the path that leads to our goal
Hold our heads high as we by-pass th old road
And stick to the truth that we've found in our soul

We'll walk down our road and we'll lift up the wounded
And nurse them to life with their heads on our breast
And those that were brave, but who didn't survive
We'll remember them knowing they died for the rest.

And we'll open our mouths, and we'll sing them a song
And we'll hope that they hear us, and know they belong

Walk down the road we find
And all that follow will be free
And while we're searching for tomorrow
Smile on all the love we see

We'll feel the love pour from the hearts of the people
And know that it's true cause we won't know of lies.
We'll have no need of dope, nothing left to escape from
Turned on by life is the best kind of "high"

We'll drink from streams of cool clear water
That won't stain our lips with the blood of the dead
We won?t see it dripping red through our fingers
In pools on the ground where the bodies have bled.

And we'll open the door and our hearts will be warm
And things will look good when our new day is born

Walk down, etc

So we'll shout out the truth and we'll show how we feel
And just turn away from the dirt in our eye
Cause the young is the new, and the old is the withered
And those that last longest will win by and by

We'll never look back once we reach where we're going
And our road will take us where we want to be
Soon there'll be happiness glowing around us
And all men will love and our children be free

And we'll open our hearts and the sun will shine in
And things will look fine when our new world begins

Walk down, etc

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  • 7 Walk Down
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