Who Sang Burn the Black Suit? Juliet Turner

Juliet Turner Burn the Black Suit cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-11-5
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Pop Rock/Folk Rock
length: 3:28
I found out how to keep you keen, I read it in a magazine.
One of those expensive ones, so it must be true, it must be true.
Seems large amounts of alcohol is all it takes to make you fall.
If I stroke your ego through the night, it'll be all right, it'll be all right.

If this is desire, expect nothing new.
But if this is love, burn your black suit.

I worry now I'm close to you, for your face is grey, your lips are blue.
And you spend your days in no man's land, make me take my pleaseure where I can.
You trail behind me like a broken kite but it's far too late to put things right.
And I find that looking back at you gives a better view, a better view.

Call yourself a dark angel born to make it good.
A dark angel from the heavens to the dole queue.
If this is desire we're expecting nothing new.
But when this is finally love we can burn our black suit.
I wish that I had brought you joy, it's hurting me to see you cry,
But I don't feel enough for you to see it through, to see it through.

If this is desire, expect nothing new,
But if this is love - burn your black suit.

CD 1
  • 1 Burn the Black Suit
  • 2 Sorry to Say
  • 3 Call Me Green
  • 4 Theatre for the Broken
  • 5 Dr Fell
  • 6 Queen on Canal Street
  • 7 Belfast Central
  • 8 Take the Money and Run
  • 9 Rough Lion's Tongue
  • 10 Narcissi
  • 11 I Hope I Don't Fall in Love With You