Who Sang Dr Fell? Juliet Turner

Juliet Turner Let's Hear It for Pizza cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996-8
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
length: 3:57
I do not like thee Dr. Fell,
You made me fall in love with you.
I do not like thee Dr. Fell,
And I was just as happy being on my own.

Here's me thinking of all the things I could have been
And don't you laugh cause I, oh I could have been the Bandit Queen.
I could have given the world two weeks of passion up on that silver screen,
You took my gun, you stopped my fun
And I surrendered, oh I surrendered to Dr. Fell.

I got your ring upon my finger, your bells on my toes,
And I got everything that every woman longs for, I suppose.
But I feel like you are threading a silver chain right through my nose,
Ah Dr. Fell, you better loose your hold on me.


I won't be leaving you cause that is not the way I do things,
Can't get worse, might get better, has always been my way of thinking
But you have trapped me on a boat that's filling up and swiftly sinking,
Dr. Fell, you better loose your hold on me.

There'll be no more crying over you.
You'll be coming home when I tell you to
And it won't be long until you see
That Dr. Fell, you have lost your hold on me.

CD 1
  • 1 Dr Fell
  • 2 Greedy Mouth
  • 3 Pizza & Wine
  • 4 Beyond the Backyard
  • 5 Short Loan Only
  • 6 Edward
  • 7 Indian Summer
  • 8 Glory to the Ground
  • 9 Too Close for Comfort
  • 10 Purely Platonic