Who Sang Get Down? Jungle Brothers

Jungle Brothers V.I.P. cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999-10-18
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop
Style: Breakbeat/Pop Rap/Drum n Bass/Jungle
length: 5:15
producer: Alex Gifford
mixer: Alex Gifford
recording engineer: Alex Gifford
writer: Michael Small, Alex Gifford, Nathaniel Hall, Claydes Smith, James “J.T.” Taylor, Robert Spike Mickens, George Brown, Ronald Bell, Robert “Kool” Bell, Eumir Deodato
You feel the music
down in your soul
it grabbed you
and it wouldn't let go
it wan't hip hop
back in the day of the jam
it made you get down
into a b-boy stance
and automatically
you learned that this is the joint
and the rappers that be
(?) study in tcool points
'nd then magically
you took control of the crowd
'nd so suddenly
you're off nd wondering how
then you realize
it was the mic and the pawn
that hypnotized you
and you're driving a bomb
got you open now
cause your feeling the flow
and you're buggin out
cause you're rockin the show
fly honey dips
all up in your face
brothers with the whips
pumping your mixed tapes
it's no coincidence
the way they respond on it
hold yourself now
and let's get down on it

let's do it
let's do it again x3 (x7)
Let's do it

you bust yer moves
back flips and twists
your time is magical
to the sense and the kicks
and all the while while
they be checkin your style
but on the other side
the girls are checkin your smiles
so who's to know
at first you're good
an feel it yourself
but now you're rockin much harder than anybody else
so of course the dj
sees you doin yor thing
so then he drops the nex jam
to put the party in swing
and as the bass hits
start to feel the floor shakin
an' now you say to yourself
i'm glad I been waitin
cause all the wall flowers
wanna piece of the ac'
they take one step forward and two steps back
the place is packed (the place is packed?)
no time to react
you grab an' count the part
they count ta act
i'm gonna party til the morning sun starts to shine
so when you feel the funky jam on steal your mind

let's do it
let's do it again x3 (x4) [get down on it]
Let's do it

now the dance floor's
the best place to test
activity, to see who rocks the best
alotta dj's play only what they like
but there's certain jams
that keep the crowd hyped
cause in the same ones
of all these years
in your mind fits
you gets screams and cheers
get a reputation
for blowin up the spot
but studyin the music
so you could get more props
make the sound phat
so the heads can bounce
make a record deal
count large amounts
make another one
to show 'em you got skills
when you go platinum
buy yo'self some wheels
but don't fall off
cause you might lose the beat
and don't go pop
cause you might lose the street
it's no coincidence
how they respond on it
hold yourself now
and just get down on it.

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