Who Sang What U Waitin' 4?? Jungle Brothers

Jungle Brothers Beyond This World: Best & Rare cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-1-29
length: 4:03
Come on!
Jump up, freak a hustle
Do what you want but move every muscle
Ain't no time for playing around
Only one thing to do when you hear this sound
Act yourself with someone else
And make sure yourself ain't by yourself

Dyin' to get on the dance floor
Girl what you waiting for?
Come on over and swing with me
take your mind out yo' misery
Tomorrow's gonna be another day
Tonight, I'm gonna take it- life
Grab the world and put it on hold
Relax my body and rest my soul
Feel the vibe surrounding me
Feel the bass come down on me

Shake your b___ but don't break your back
Tap your feet and let your fingers snap
No matter what size shape or colour
We can jam and enjoy each other
Music's pumpin' I feel something
Must be my blood and h! eartbeat thumpin
Dispense your funds to pass through the door
You know there's room for you on the floor
(You don't know if they'll be any more)
So yo, what you waiting for?

[Chanting in background]
"Waiting the timeless time"

Yeah, yeah, some playin' a wall
I wasn't with that, not livin' like that
You ain't with it let me hear you say ho
You ain't with it let me hear you say aaaaoooo (aaaooo)
Ready to boogie I had on my dancin' shoes
Ain't in the mood to be singing no blues
So if you want to be a little disco ducka
I came here tonight to
So good morning, good afternoon, good night
don't let the bedbugs bite
Going way out when I'm aiming to please
You havin' a good time, climb up my trees
C'mon what you waiting for?
C'MON what you waiting for?

"Waiting the timeless time"

Side to side, and just let it ride
Give what you got, no need to hide
You're allowed as long as your able
Take away the chairs and move away the tables
I'm doing my thing working around you
Ladies screaming (We wanna house you!)
We won't say much on this no now
Cause I'm not quite sure that you know how
But keep on dancin', (Keep on dancing!)
Baby on not clockin' you, I'm just glancin'
And what I see now is a fine figure-8
(Don't Make me Wait)

Yeah waiting for the DJ to play my song
O Lord, I must have waited all night long!
The joint was packed and it looked like a jungle,
I felt at home, there goes my song
S! o I hit the floor and jumped on the case,
Sweat pouring from my face
Clothes was wet by I didn't care
You know what I'm saying (I know what you're sayin')

So come on girl come on girl come on
Let's Let's Let's Get it on
I'm dyin' to get out on the floor
I waited long enough; I can't wait no more!
Come on girl come on girl come on
Let's Let's Let's Get it on
I'm dyin' to get out on the floor
I waited long enough; I can't wait no more!

Yeah, Uh, Uh, Yeah, Uh, Yeah, etc

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  • Release information
    label: Warner Bros. Records
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: CD
    barcode: 093624786429
    script: Latin