Who Sang Another Fix? Jungle Rot

Release information
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Rock
Style: Death Metal
length: 2:11
The pathetic s___, a walking nightmare
a reason to kill, is a reason to f___
the fat hairy puss mosnter, is calling to get slapped
how many moons have passed
since I've fallen to the crack
is the wench
the pig
can't get enough
the j__z tasting scumbag c__ guzzling s___
no pity for your face, it should be lit in flames
your body's quite decayed, self abuse the game
now the f___in s___ty b____, is begging for some more
she needs another fix - then you throw her out the door.

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Immersed in Pain
  • 3 Virus
  • 4 Misplaced Anger
  • 5 Humans Shall Pay
  • 6 Strangulation Mutilation
  • 7 Red Skies
  • 8 The Killing Machine
  • 9 Dead and Buried
  • 10 Psychotic Cremation
  • 11 Afterlife
  • 12 Circle of Death/Jungle Rot
  • 13 Another Fix

  • Release information
    label: Olympic Recordings
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin