Who Sang Voice Your Disgust? Jungle Rot

Jungle Rot Terror Regime cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-3-19
Genre: Rock
Style: Death Metal
length: 3:02
Run for the hills , flee for your life
Abandon possessions
Life, liberty, prosperity
Court is in session
The power to give all that you need
Takes all that you own
Before your eyes, life subsidized
And left all alone

Steady decline, dividing line
Learn to adjust, voice your disgust

Democracy not what I see
Money and power
Hypocrisy is the policy
Our poor they devour
Debt to be paid, more foreign aid
We're sent off to war
Where does it end, the taking and taking
And l___ing for more

Condition red, our daily bread
Your funds they drain, financial gain
The wealth you crave, your life enslaved
Who can you trust, voice your disgust

Authority, want to be free
No administration
Point out the flaws, the oppressive laws
And strict regulations
Life is on file, held without trial
A fate so fearful
What can we do when those in power
Are tyrannical?

Approach the day of reckoning
Proficient beast, chaos unleashed
The poor oppressed, civil unrest
'Bout to combust, voice your disgust

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