Get Used to Me Lyrics - Justin Bieber

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Release information
Release Date: 2015-11-12
Genre: Electronic Funk / Soul Pop
Style: Dubstep/Hip Hop/Dance-pop
length: 3:58
producer: Josh Abraham and Nico Hartikainen
co-producer: A.C. and Maejor
writer: Poo Bear, Josh Abraham, Justin Bieber, Alexander Castillo Vasquez, Brandon Green, Josh Gudwin, Nico Hartikainen, Ely Weisfeld
Subjected to my system, reflectin' on the days
When we used to be just friends
Protected both our interests, our trust was in our bank
That's where our hearts once save, and then we got closer
Separated from my ex 'til we got closure
Ooh, on every visit, feelings got stronger
Now this is out our hands, my luv is here to stay

So get used to me checkin' in all day
Get used to me fallin' through just to see ur face
There in the moment I won't need ur brace
Get used to me touchin' u, get used to me lovin' u
Oh get used to it, hey, oh get used to it, hey, oh get used to it, oh it
Oh used to me holdin' u, used to me warmin' u, oh get used to it

(Verse 2)
And now my April shower u, foreva and for May
Till ur flowers bloom in June
Make sure that our fireworks be a fourth of July for life
As long as u stand right by my side
Keep growin' closer throughout October
Ooh countin' down, it's almost Christmas eve
Oh, 7 days shy of New Year's eve
Then we'll be celebratin'


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