Who Sang On a Roll? Justin Currie

Justin Currie Lower Reaches cover art
Release information
length: 3:31
producer: Mike McCarthy
mixer: Mike McCarthy
writer: Justin Currie

Twist your knuckle on the steel
My fist is buckling the wheel
Spin me deeper in the hole
I’m on a roll
Take this unwanted watch of mine
I don’t need to know the time
Everything must go
I’m on a roll
She left yesterday
I guess that leaves more time to play and forget
I’m on a roll
Yeah, I’m on a roll
I’m blessed with sevens in my hand
But she could never understand
All is lost on the cost of my next throw
Cos I’m on a roll
Yeah, I’m on a roll

CD 1
  • 1 Falsetto
  • 2 Every Song's the Same
  • 3 Bend to My Will
  • 4 Priscilla
  • 5 I Hate Myself for Loving You
  • 6 On a Roll
  • 7 Into a Pearl
  • 8 On My Conscience
  • 9 Half of Me
  • 10 Little Stars