Who Sang Out of My Control? Justin Currie

Release information
Release Date: 2007-10-23
length: 3:43
Once I get my heart back in my hand
I'll squeeze out every drop of love I can
To rid myself of you
I want with all my soul
But what I want is out of my control, my control
All I have to do is fool around
Drag out this old carcass on the town
I know how it is done
Just shake the dice and roll
But what I want is out of my control
Why can't I free myself, climb out of this hole
Deep inside you have taken hold
I try, try, try, but every time I just find
It's out of my control

Twenty planes, they leave the runway every day
Taking yet another chance away
But I could cut and run
Take half what makes me whole
But what I want is out of my control
Yeah, baby, it's out of my control

CD 1
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  • 2 Not So Sentimental Now
  • 3 Walking Through You
  • 4 Something in That Mess
  • 5 If I Ever Loved You
  • 6 Only Love
  • 7 Gold Dust
  • 8 Out of My Control
  • 9 Where Did I Go?
  • 10 Still in Love
  • 11 No Surrender
  • 12 In the Rain