Who Sang Be Gone? Juvenile feat. Big Tymers

Big Tymers Project English cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-8-21
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap
length: 5:25
performer: Big Tymers

Get the hell out, the door, can't you get the hell on out the door?(x3)

[Verse 1: Mannie Fresh]
B told me, number 3 was cheatin, with a chick with a stick, yeah them girls be freakin, checkin in motels every other weekend, say bruh, i can't picture Lil one eatin', boy you ain't know? For sure she creeping, but she been telling me, dog she going to meet, meeting kitty wit a mouth, that's what yo chick bout? (man pass me my asthma pump, put lil one out), sometimes i be liking, but see them chicks dyking, kissing on each other, mud wrestling, and fighting, hair everywhere-scratching and biting (pass me my ashtma pump again man this shits exciting) I be likely to get jump like a game of checkers, and I done G'ed more chicks then Nelly don sold records, "E.I." See I turn a chick out, then give her to another chick, leave "ssss" up in her mouth


[Baby (Birdman)]
Here's a story bout a bitch named Sally, a hot girl lived in that rat hole alley, she stayed shive, stay rockin ballys, a fat pussy lay it down in the caddy, back of the seat or back of the pallace, ima Hot Boy it really don't matter, my brother KC plays them (??) a jump off, him and steppers, whatever, Micheal kimpa, James (???) a big betta, Dick got a bitch in Miami, a dick sweater, like to load her to ATL the freak of the week, she did me, Slim, Joe, and Tiki, I dont care Bitch just ride, shake yo pussy, and shake yo thighs, get ya hat, get ya coat, it's time to ride, baby girl looking at me like she surprised


[Mannie Fresh]
Lemme tell yall about another one of my lovers (huh bruh?) I caught the ignorant chick poking holes in rubbers, talking bout she late, sorry no wait, girl you fucked me, Mike Tyson,and OJ

These hoes be pullin' they raw tactics, baby making, and jaw jackin', mami suck dick like a low rider, ohhhhh weee don't stop her

[Mannie Fresh]
Thinking I'm gon' claim that baby, girl you coo coo, stupid, dumb and crazy, his eyes green and his hair wavy, dont you hate me ha? you got me played me

She movin' like a nigga hittin' switches, but i bet ill her old shitty, she a popper H.G. non stopper, she from Uptown, baby don't knock her

[Hook] + talking until end of song

CD 1
  • 1 Intro - Let's Roll
  • 2 Set It Off
  • 3 H.B. Headbusta
  • 4 4 Minutes
  • 5 My Life
  • 6 Get Your Hustle On
  • 7 Sunshine
  • 8 Be Gone
  • 9 Mamma Got Ass
  • 10 They Lied
  • 11 White Girl
  • 12 In Ya Ass
  • 13 Set It Off (radio remix)
  • 14 In the Nolia
  • 15 What U Scared 4
  • 16 Outro - Let's Go