Who Sang In My Life? Juvenile feat. Mannie Fresh

Mannie Fresh Juve the Great cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-12-23
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap/Bounce
length: 5:45
performer: Mannie Fresh
Ladies and Gentleman
Boys and Girls
Little Children, Dogs and Cats
Right about now you are listening to the incredible drum patterns of DJ Manny Fresh
(Scratching Fresh)

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Imma buy cars!
Imma get clothes!
Imma get clothes!
Imma rock jewels!
Imma **** hoes!
Imma smoke weed!
Got a lot of drinks!
Steppin out, Gator, Coca-Cola Mink

I need it in my life
I want it in my life
Come put it in my life
I'm gonna keep it in my life.

It's that ***** Juve
From the Magnolia, still loakin
you hoes knows what's happenin' with me
Bust that ***** open
Loose *******
Loose booty
Round down and up
If a gangsta can't touch it
What you bouncing it for?
Now give me leeway
Watch how a G play
Watch how my name get caught in the he - she say.
It's UTP day, We with the streets may
They represent us when we hear us at the DJ's
Break bread with me
*****, is your man with me?
Thought you was beefin
You supposed to spend yo' cash with me
I'm hear to last with me
Hold me down, give me a whip,
Give me a *****, let her blow me down
I'm so gutter, I'm so slick, I'm so rhymin'
I promise you something and I betcha you don't find me
I got my evil
Purchase whatever I please
CO, give me the keys, aww please! I need two of these!

-Chorus X2
Imma be so corageous
And so contagious
Until ****in' rap sheets gon' receive mo' pages
Listen to Juve 'cause it's my year mon (My year mon)
Invasion, Imma bout to kick it in gear mon (In gear mon)
Don't you see the soldiers and hoes when I appear mon? (Appear mon)
About bein' written on my face 'cause I don't fear none (Fear none)
Me and my team got a scheme to go light the block up
Skip's smoothin' the work and Wakko poppin' the chopper
I scream to you 'cause I mean it
The only difference is you only throwing up **** when you scream it
I seen it
****, all the obsticals that I been through
What make you think Imma be scared of a ***** like you?
I'm yo' dog, lemme get it all, co-sign me
You ain't paid them last people yet
Dog, don't even remind me
My game knowledge, my game polished, and it's obvious
You can't block it, you can't knock it
'Cause it's profit

-Chorus X2
Can I untape the clips and chill ?
Show my *****s its real,
Can my people shop in Beverly Hills,
I got a lot of work I know that's gonna be ahead of me still,
But my beast mentality gon' keep me ahead in the field
Pardon me, but I got paper to chase,
Now cut through the talking and bring me straight to the safe,
I know where the cameras at and I'm destroying the tape,
I'm not leaving no evidence for the forensics to trace,
I had a problem on my hand, a few bills I had been payin',
I figured about a lil'bit less than 75 grand,
and my dog Rocky, caught a nickel for a pistol,
Its serious when the federals comin' to get you,
Life is at a standstill, all change in this damn field,
What you say, can get you and ya mans killed,
This my last chance to come up, this gotta be it,
Juve comin up, the first round' lottery pick

-Chorus X2

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  • 2 In My Life
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  • 8 Numb Numb
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