Who Sang Livin in the Project? Juvenile

Juvenile Solja Rags cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Byron O. Thomas, Terius Gray
Release Date: 1997-5-13
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 2:09
I'm a ***** from the third with a helluva nerve
And if you cross my line then you will get served
I win, lose or die this happens everyday
Mutha****as get killed in this game I play

I put these hands on a ***** 'cuz he talk too much
He told my business to a *****, I had to **** him up
When I confronted this *****, he got highly upset
Took off his shirt, booted up, then looked down to my chest

So I slammed his ***, the ***** started to kick
I went to stompin' in his face, ****in' up his ****
Gave him a good *** whippin', then I started to steppin'
I saw him reachin' in his pants, I seen he was stressin'

The *****s was stuntin' but I had mine
Five times through the chest, family outside cryin'
On the way back home, I saw this sharp *** lady
Polo down, hair fixed and some gold earrings

I asked just where she's headed, she said, "7th Ward"
Release the fine ***** out the St. Bernard
She hopped in the ride, I take the hoe to Popeye's
Got a three piece white, cold drink and small fries

The hoe got full, we went to the Rochambeaux
Took off her clothes and bust three nuts and after that I was through
Took her halfway home and told the *****, "Get on"
Didn't give a **** about her 'cuz I gave her the bone

Everyday somebody else will get, hung by the gaffler
*****s roll down the ave. 'cuz I'm the neighborhood amp
****in' around with the Juvenile and you get your brains blown out
'Cuz that's what livin' all up the project is all about

CD 1
  • 1 Ziggly Wiggly
  • 2 Solja Rag
  • 3 I Did That
  • 4 Roll With 'em
  • 5 Pimpinabitch
  • 6 Livin in the Project
  • 7 Who's tha M.F.
  • 8 Hide Out or Ride Out
  • 9 Spittin Game
  • 10 3rd Ward Solja
  • 11 Welcome 2 tha Section
  • 12 Money on the Couch
  • 13 That's How It Be Happening
  • 14 Solja Rag (radio version)

  • Release information
    label: Cash Money Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 601215316629
    script: Latin