Who Sang U See? K.A.S.T.A.

K.A.S.T.A. Kastaniety cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 2:55
Not so far from here there's a lively atmosphere.
Everybody's going there this year
There a reason,
The seas were open last July,
Ever since the USA went dry,
Everybody's going there an I'm going too.

I'm on my way to Cuba, that's where I'm going.
Cuba that's where I'll stay.
Cuba where wine is flowing.
And where those dark eyed stellas light their fellas penatella.
Cuba where all is happy.
Cuba where all is gaye.
Why don't you plan a wonderful trip to Havana hop on a ship,
And I'll see ya in C-U-B-A.

Why don't you do your drinking light Cuba,
Instead of hiding in the seller
Since prohibition tell me how have you been a very frightened little feller?
Why don't you pour it from a bottle instead of a tiny silver flask?
Drink you Scotch from a Gin where the drys can't get in.
The finest bars and cigars that are only made in.

Cuba where all is happy.
Cuba where all is gaye.
Why don't you plan a wonderful trip to Havana hop on a ship.
And I'll see ya in C-U-B-A.

Everybody now
Cuba that's where I'm going
(Uanasdias senior and senioritas)
Cuba that's there I'll stay
(Como esta ustd)
Cuba where wine is flowing
(Oh Muchos Gracias)
And where those dark eyes stellas light their fellas penatellas
(Ooo fellas)

I've never been a drinking lady
I've never smoked a penatella
But I'm a she who likes to be where all is gaye

Why don't leave your cares and troubles behind and tell em your next address is where they stay up late drink blind to the blind but nevertheless and I plan to see you in C-U-B-A.

Why don't you travel with us on a train or a bus to Miami where we can begin to plan a wonderful trip on a plane or a ship that'll take is from Florida to Havana and I'll see you in C-U-B-A.

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Czas
  • 3 Peryferie
  • 4 Parę słów
  • 5 Hopera
  • 6 Bez ściemy
  • 7 Fanky
  • 8 Premiera
  • 9 Zobacz
  • 10 Dlaczego
  • 11 Klimaty
  • 12 Ulica
  • 13 Ten styl
  • 14 Piszę nocami
  • 15 Po co?
    CD 2
  • 1 White House
  • 2 U See
  • 3 Hope
  • 4 Soul Assassin
  • 5 Watch Ya Words
  • 6 Till I Die
  • 7 Roll da Shit
  • 8 Manifest
  • 9 Hera
  • 10 ?
  • 11 Vibra
  • 12 What For?
  • 13 Outro