Who Sang Makaha? Ka'au Crater Boys

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length: 4:42
There's a place, on the west side

Called Makaha, Makaha yeah.

All the braddahs and sistahs,

Surfing big waves and hanging around

Playing music and having some fun

(At) Makaha, Makaha yeah

We're going to Makaha, Makaha yeah

It's a really nice beautiful sight

Breaking morning, noon and night

Jamming music by the firelight

Everybody's feeling all right

Canoe surfing, bullyboards banging everybody around

Braddah Mel, Braddah Russ, Sistah Rel, Uncle Buff

Everybody ripping, shredding, jamming on down to

When the sun goes down

And I'm not ready to head back to town

Cause there's a lot of nice people to meet

We all jamming to the reggae beat

Well it's just about time to go

I hear this song on the radio

A place where Rusty and the gang compete

In Uncle Buffalo's longboard meet

  • 1 Tropical Hawaiian Day
  • 2 You Don't Write
  • 3 Rhythm Of The Rain
  • 4 Brown Eyed Girl
  • 5 Surf
  • 6 I Hear Music a.k.a. Mr. Reggae
  • 7 Kawika
  • 8 Guava Jelly
  • 9 Opihi Man
  • 10 Makaha
  • 11 Wahine 'Ilikea
  • 12 Still The One
  • 13 Elvira
  • 14 Carly Rose
  • 15 On Fire