Who Sang Mononoke (God of Worm)? Kadenzza

Release information
Release Date: 2003-6-2
length: 6:25

You can hear my pain
Oppressed desire in groan
You can feel my face
Withering eyes in vain
Forest of darkness will weep
With trickles of curse you fear
I am bleeding for mankind
Material Eden
Enchanted with fortune in mine
Making the gun for your ruin
Hiding your rotten face
No need to plead for your life
You are dying in evil fate
I am earthbound god of worm
You can't run from me
The resurrection will come
The gods revenge on you
They are coming ...
Remember, twilight in ancient past
Holy places where gods breathe
The desecration by humankind
Results in the curse of deformed god
I can kill your love
What is love and what is hate ?
I can take your life
Dirty feelers wind you round
Distorted body screaming
Lake of life is filled with my blood
I am the bloody heartless god
Return my head back
I will seek and kill you all
Over the mountain, over the sea
The evil spirits in everywhere
No need to plead for your life
You are dying in the hopeless world
I am earthbound god of worm

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