Who Sang No Drama? Kaia

Release information
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Rock
length: 2:30
Are we there to the land of No Drama
it seems to be always.
20 miles away as we watch for a truth,
to act out the part of a coward seems,
like everybody lets their mouths fall,
before what they want to say sounds
about the same as nonsense.
Did i tell you lately that
i feel maybe i should write a book.
Did i tell you lately
i feel strangely alone she says that
if you don't agree with her
you're on the wrong side crossed over enemy lines.
She says that this town's not big enough well Indiana sounds pretty good to me right now did
i tell you lately that i feel maybe quite a stare you've got can you match it with words did i tell you baby that
i think maybe means a thousand
things and i feel strangely alone

CD 1
  • 1 Risk
  • 2 My Voice
  • 3 Thread
  • 4 That's Mr. Baby to You
  • 5 Intermission
  • 6 No Drama
  • 7 Little Brave One 97
  • 8 Disappear Without a Trace
  • 9 You Make Me Cry That Special Way
  • 10 Off (extended dance mix)
  • 11 Where in the World Is Greencastle Indiana?