Who Sang I Never Said I Love You? Kaki King

Kaki King …Until We Felt Red cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-8-8
length: 4:31
You're so beautiful, so strange, so lovely,
That's the truth.
But if you were the one, baby, you'd've heard it by now;
But I never said I love you

You are a dream-come-true for someone,
But not for me.
Still, can't we have fun, darling?
I can't say what I don't mean
You give me more than I can contain
It hurts to know the truth,
But this will never go your way
I never said I love you.

Sweet thing, come to me
Sweet thing, come to me

CD 1
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  • 2 …Until We Felt Red
  • 3 You Don't Have to Be Afraid
  • 4 Goby
  • 5 Jessica
  • 6 First Brain
  • 7 I Never Said I Love You
  • 8 Ahuvati
  • 9 These Are the Armies of the Tyrannized
  • 10 Second Brain
  • 11 Soft Shoulder
  • 12 The Footsteps Die Out Forever
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