Who Sang Jessica? Kaki King

Kaki King …Until We Felt Red cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-8-8
length: 3:42
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Jessica says she'd wait for me
I'd be eighteen when
She is turning twenty-three
Decorates her room with greeting cards

They burn up when she turns the light on in the dark
Trying to remember love that never really was
When the milk tasted like perfume
You had been drinking from the carton

CD 1
  • 1 Yellowcake
  • 2 …Until We Felt Red
  • 3 You Don't Have to Be Afraid
  • 4 Goby
  • 5 Jessica
  • 6 First Brain
  • 7 I Never Said I Love You
  • 8 Ahuvati
  • 9 These Are the Armies of the Tyrannized
  • 10 Second Brain
  • 11 Soft Shoulder
  • 12 The Footsteps Die Out Forever
  • 13 Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers