Who Sang Kewpie Station? Kaki King

Kaki King Everybody Loves You cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk Rock/Acoustic/Folk
length: 2:14

Check my heart, check my legs
Check the name tag on the bed
I think I had an accident last night
I am safe, I'm not scared really
Quite as much as I should be
Tell me if the damage here will last forever
Oh, I misunderstood
This age of ours
Has forces like a cyclone
State your name, date of birth
Do you live alone?
Your emergency contacts didn't answer
This is how I got hurt
Your mind and I were no match for
A runaway delivery truck and a river
Two-oh-six bones in the body
Cracked up every one
Tore up my skin and hair
And I misunderstood
This rage we have
Like love is at it's solstice
Check my arms, check my legs
Check my stomach, heart and head
But your luck says that he won't
Make it through the night
And now I know, it's certain
And now I know, it's certain
And now I know, it's certain
And now I know, it's certain

  • 1 Kewpie Station
  • 2 Steamed Little Juicy Bun
  • 3 Carmine St.
  • 4 Night After Sidewalk
  • 5 Happy as a Dead Pig in the Sunshine
  • 6 The Exhibition
  • 7 Close Your Eyes and You'll Burst Into Flames
  • 8 Joi
  • 9 Everybody Loves You
  • 10 Fortuna
  • 11 The Government
  • 12 L Train, 1st Ave: Low
  • 13 Kewpie Station (Version 2)
  • 14 Steamed Little Juicy Duck