Who Sang Easy Woman? Kalai

Release information
Release Date: 2002-6-1
length: 5:36
They'd think I'm crazy comin back this way again.
They'd laugh so loud I couldn't hear myself thinkin.
You'd never think that I could sink so low, well now you know.
There aint nothin to do in this crazy place so I've got to go.
Oh easy woman I can help you if you can help me.
Oh easy woman could you keep me company.
Crowd pleasing woman would you be proud of me for a dollar or two...
...ah Hell, make it three.
Even I wouldn't expect this from a man like me
but I needed to express to a woman like you immediately.
Oh mama I need you to gimme some.
Gimme something I can lean on
cause I aint got nothin on this whole wide planet.
Seems like even my dignity is gone.

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