Who Sang Fading Out? Kalai

Kalai Acoustacism cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001
length: 3:41
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You can spite me in your own sane ways, you can tear me down,
Say you love me just to turn your back , trying to be the clown...

I'm like the lonely woman in the back row of your sold out show
I swallow your rouse until I can't even taste it anymore
Shows what you know.
Be also cunning with your cutting remarks, you don't wanna break the rhythm,
This family taught as families often do, to be careful what you give them...
Say what you will, then walk away
And don't ever come back again,
You can have your laugh and I'll fall apart,
But you never could break my heart,
Because you faded in and you'll fade back out.

So heaven help you if you someday regret the way you treated me,
Cause I'll spend every minute of my life regretting you,
Yeah trying to rid myself of your disease...

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