Who Sang It Passed? Kalai

Kalai Acoustacism cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001
length: 4:54
Patient woman had a gray day,
It was a happy story ending in a hardened way,
It's awful risky living life just like you,
There's something missing from everything you do
And I should know by now...
Cause I'm leaving you
Before the rhythm gets too fast
And for awhile there I fell for you
But something happened and it passed.
Hungry feelings or an empty hole,
It's all in perspective for you
When you win you don't always get the gold,
And I should know by now...

I've seen people go their own way back
Wet and wounded, nothing to say but I should know by now...

CD 1
  • 1 Both Sides
  • 2 On My Mind
  • 3 Untouched
  • 4 Divide Me
  • 5 Shotgun Blues
  • 6 One Life
  • 7 It Passed
  • 8 Indian Man
  • 9 Patience Lies
  • 10 In the Back
  • 11 Fading Out
  • 12 Strong Ties