Who Sang J Dog and the Hand? Kalai

Release information
Release Date: 2002-6-1
length: 3:14
Well have I got a story for you. Its got cowboy hats and witches brooms and it's the gloomiest, dubious groovy tune. But it's something we all goin be movin to. Oh and let us not forget the hero of the day. Making the world a terrible place for crooks and criminals... ...and melodic subliminals.
Well from evil he'll s***** you up and like a baby he'll lay you down. Oh no then enters the villains... ...Boom Boom Boom what's that sound? Howlin wolves or Hell hounds? Either or I'd be runnin for sure. But don't you worry now baby I'ma double back for my lady and if I don't woman you know I've been had. I've fallen victim to J Dog and the Hand. (They're the original gangsters man.)
Now there's a rumor I have to diffuse, there's no cowboy hats or witches brooms. That was simply an amateur writing tool. You see, villains like us never went to school. But don't ever forget the day the hero died and the lesson was learned everybody gets burned and every ninja has his samurai.

Digital Media 1
  • 1 J Dog and the Hand
  • 2 Treason
  • 3 The Honeymoon Uh Huh
  • 4 Down to Earth
  • 5 Easy Woman
  • 6 Time for War
  • 7 Bluesy One
  • 8 Fear Not the Wild Things
  • 9 I Can Dig It
  • 10 Losing My Head
  • 11 Ease Into Me
  • 12 The End