Who Sang Godpills? Kalas

Kalas Kalas cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006
length: 4:52
Sacred, wicked, godless victim, b******s pain the blind
Earthly garden, re-seek Sodom, eat thrice, jackal's hide
Dead black flowers, all that cowers
Drugs that clear your mind
Lesser demon, dark their treason, opiate divine
Black gates crumbling death comes tumbling
Praying for your time
Sacred liar troubles dire shoot your way to high
Dead black flowers all that cowers
Drugs that clear your mind
Lesser demons, darkened treason, opiate divine
We walk amongst this crowd with one foot in the grave
We talk amongst this crowd and miracles would save
And if you cared to listen, you'd know that you were slaves
The blind
The blind

We desolate our veins with pleasure in our cage
We kill the light inside and replace it with rage
The blind
The blind

CD 1
  • 1 Monuments to Ruins
  • 2 Frozen Sun
  • 3 Godpills
  • 4 Media Screws
  • 5 Things Done and Undone
  • 6 Mother's Tears
  • 7 Pleasurable Prison
  • 8 Due Time
  • 9 Voyager