Who Sang In Search of Kaledon? Kaledon

Release information
Release Date: 2002-10-9
length: 3:38
We are the Knights chosen by fate
We are the warriors who fight for life
They meeting danger during the way
Knights of the king with their magical swords
They fight the death for Kaledon's life
When the Jackal fall down
for hand of the warriors of the great king
Follow the way for the mighty lost reign
Into the mist, against the shadows
born with a destiny written in the stars
Riding hell horse for an endless time
Into the dark , facing the Evil
Under the sign of the steel crown
We are in search of Kaledon
We are in search of Kaledon

CD 1
  • 1 The Calling
  • 2 In Search of Kaledon
  • 3 Army of the Undead King
  • 4 Thunder in the Sky
  • 5 Streets of the Kingdom
  • 6 Spirit of the Dragon
  • 7 Hero of the Land
  • 8 God Says Yes
  • 9 Deep Forest
  • 10 Desert Land of Warriors
  • 11 The Jackal's Fall