Who Sang Represent? Kam feat. K-Mack , Solo & D-Dope

D-Dope Made in America cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995-3-14
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta/Conscious
length: 4:14

[Verse 1: K-Mack]
A smile on my face but death behind my eyes
When I pull a trigga, nigga, don’t be surprised
I realize, that niggas don’t give a fuck
Been down so long, now it’s time to press my luck on comin’ up
Because the hustle just in me
And when I bend a corner, niggas be green with envy
‘Cause I hit the switch upon y’all ditches, fuck some bitches
‘Cause I’m a mack and y’all niggas in love, bitch-crazy
I’m tryna get money daily
I ain’t got paid for no muthafuckin’ raps yet
That’s why I ain’t gave up the fuckin’ sack yet
Wack ass niggas irritate my ears
When I, blow the chronic, to relax my mind
Say check 1, 2, 1, 2, and come out on time
L.A., the land of milk and honey
But fuck that fame, without no muthafuckin’ money
I get some work and go outta town
Before a nigga like the Mister K-Mack get clowned
Niggas say fuck what the contract say
It’s ’94, that shit don’t work no more
And niggas, they be saltin’ me, sayin’ I can’t rap
I know who it is and we’ll see about that, yeah
Who lasts the longest, and who stay up on it
When upon a mic, I’m slayin’ all opponents
Macks like myself slip and slide to the left of the police, no peace
Niggas that’s weak won’t last
Outta gas while I make more cash
Tryna check a mint and representin’ on that ass

Ha ha, damn, here we go
Last song on the album; that was my nigga K-Mack
Watts up, shoutout to Layback
Ain’t forgot about you baby

[Verse 2: D-Dope]
Fuck with this, D-Dope with that rap twist
Givin’ a fuck about a young hoe that I hit
This is the Dope
You knowin’ about the bitches I’m tossin’
Never flossin’, ‘cause all the fancy shit is straight costin’ a grip
And on the East, we ain’t got it like that
Just a handful of young hogs with 9-millimeter straps
Dangerous, thug life, dog ass niggas
Young Joe, Mister Felony, D-Dope, cap peelers
And the gang that come from, nigga be tryna jack
Suicidal thoughts leave from my head and see back
Through the hood where I make my own rules with the Tec
Niggas get no respect and punk hoes I neglect, fool
Take it from a gangsta that be makin’ ‘em bow down
I got that muthafuckin’ hawkeye, bitch, you ride around
Clown studio niggas every time, now you see
Fuckin’ off cops, capital W-A-TT
D from the Eastside could never be a punk
I roll with my indo, nigga, and my pistol-grip pump
Get wit’ a real nigga if you thinkin’ that you can fade
If you can’t, ay girl, I gotta be gettin’ paid
I’m the number one life-taker, nigga, what I said
It’s me, Eastside what I represent

Yeah, y’all ain’t knowin’
Shoutout my nigga Young Joe, Mister Felony, D-Dope
Y’all know what’s poppin’, Big Grand
Who we got up next?

[Verse 3: Solo]
Bitchmade muthafuckas always gettin’ shit twisted
Mark ass niggas claimin’ that they realistic
But missed it by a long shot, you in the wrong spot
Fakin’ the funk, we ain’t takin’ ya, punk
I’m stayin’ down for mine, but at the same time comin’ up
Fuck a fed, watch a basehead bum a cup
I’m tryna check a knot, gots me a hustle
Steady gettin’ sex ‘cause I’m flexin’ muscle
Run my game like a pro, so call me Boy Wonder
A/K/A Solo, you can’t get under
Number one from the clique, trick niggas can’t see me or Jess
Or the W-A-Double T-S
My niggas J-Low always ridin’ shotgun
Puts me up on the strap if I ain’t got one
Watts done? Much dirt, so niggas take a hint
We be playin’ for keeps when we represent

[Big Jess]
Yeah, Watts Up, this is Big Jess
Givin’ shouts out to all my homies on the Eastside that’s straight stayin’ down
Yeah, KAM, wrap this shit up

[Verse 4: KAM]
So it’s the KAM and Watts Up representin’ to the fullest
From the shoulders, razorblades, hand grenades or bullets
Ain’t nothin’ goin’ on but the war
So shut the door, if you want clout, it’s all about what you stand for
And, or, live and work, kill and die
And after so many years of stayin’ down, it got me feelin’ high
So why must I keep bein’ tested
Once I regulate, you wanna have me arrested
Bird-chested niggas, you oughta know better
‘Cause when it comes to battlin’, I’m a go-getter
A four-letter word is goin’ out to every single enemy
Before you learned the lingo you shoulda been a G
Now look at what these niggas made me say
Peace to Elwood from the hood and Big Lady K
I’m signin’ out while y’all busta niggas ain’t made a dent
And the truth is what I represent

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Trust Nobody
  • 3 Pull Ya Hoe Card
  • 4 That's My Nigga
  • 5 Way 'a Life
  • 6 Down Fa Mine
  • 7 In Traffic
  • 8 Givin' It Up
  • 9 Nut 'n Nice
  • 10 Who Ridin'
  • 11 Keep tha Peace
  • 12 Represent

  • Release information
    label: EastWest Records America
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin