Who Sang Reach? KamB.I.N.O.

Release information
Release Date: 2010-1-8
length: 4:32

You know where I be, right there in the streets
Bring it where they are cause it's where I used to be
So homie yeah, I reach (with these records I reach)
Homie yeah, I reach (with these records I reach) x 2

[Verse 1]
I came into this game cause he called me to make some rappers salty
Lofty, goals of selling records in the multi
Million range, plus lives multi million changed
I'm focused on the really untamed
Flows crazy bro but really I'm saying, I promise
Honest as a nun up in the monestary
And the scary part is I am at the very start
Of bringing light to the Wesley Snipes, get it, very dark
Not skin tone, I'm talking lives that's been blown
Away by the evil, sweep away like hurricane winds holmes
Bulldog youngin's on the streets as if they've been grown
Lost without they fathers and knowledge they should've been known
See they won't listen to them women in the church hats
But they will listen to lyrics over a berm-bap
And I'm happy I can oblidge
With bangers but what I'm slanging is ministry in disguise

Stretch Armstrong should be my alias
M.I.T. graduates couldn't calculate my radias
Target demographic more graphic than Slim Shady is
Them shady kids who roll with rockets like Tracy McGrady, dig
Them super churchy Christians tried to play the kid
Shake their heads disgusted, trying to sway the kid
"Keep hating" is what I say to them, I like that
Had gotten less ferocious, y'all done help me get my bite back
Streets paid attention so I know I'm on the right track
What I live I write that, you can call it life rap
Seen it and I done it plus I keep it one hundred
When they peep it yo they love it, it ain't easy to run from it
Christ switched him, King's army from a felon
Slingshot is the militia and I'm a soldier boy, tell 'em
Plus Jehovah's own weapon, he's using me to attack the
Block with the vigor of a natural disaster


[Verse 3]
I seen it from the hood to the burbs, boardroom to the curb
Learned sales is sales regardless of what ya serve
First step, convince the people that what you have the people ought to try
And if it's good as what you tell em then the people gonna buy
So I figured that with Christ the same principle should apply
Next thing to understand, friends, what supply and demand is
If you already got the thing that I'm intent to sale
Then I'm inclined to think I wouldn't peek your interest very well
So I probably should look to those in need of what I'm pitching
And if properly packaged, indeed they're gonna listen
And if I get they ear then the seeds are gonna slip in
Once I sow a seed, when I leave they gonna be different
Another watered, then my father brings the increase
There's lots of talking to the choir, told Him "send me"
So when my pen leaks, no question what my writtens for
If I ain't trying to reach them then what the heck am I speaking for


CD 1
  • 1 A Proper Introduction
  • 2 Hodgepodge
  • 3 No Power (Lights Out)
  • 4 Real Life
  • 5 A Problem's a Problem (feat. Christon Gray)
  • 6 3 Words (feat. Aerologic & Priest)
  • 7 Reach
  • 8 Let Me Show You
  • 9 Heart of a G (feat. D-Maub & Street Pastor)
  • 10 You (feat. Ty Francis)