To Kill a Shadow Lyrics - Kardinal Offishall feat. May

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Release Date: 2015-10-30
length: 5:07

All I respect is money bro
That shit just trying to get this paper
You know what I mean
I ain't got nothing else
All I got is time on my..time

[Verse 1: Kardinal Offishall]
Time on my mind with not a second to spare
Want everybody from the ghetto to be a millionaire
But to get that guap they gotta earn it
Egos, they got to burn it
Divide and conquer, gotta unlearn it
We living in the days where the killers like prey
Lions in my eyes they behead us for the pay
We [?] protest against yay
With God we might've had it right, but godless I stay
Born here, raised here, summers in J-A
Get up at the same time getting money every day
Mr. Officer we got the ears of the youth
Staring at a king, I guess I would be afraid too

[Chorus: May Marquart]
How to kill a shadow is to shine a lot of light (shine a lot of light)
People in every ghetto, you gotta know you'll be alright
So hold on, better days are here, my friend (better days)
Only thing to fear is fear itself
That's where you'll live (where you'll end up)
So hold on

[Verse 2: Kardinal Offishall]
Africa, mother to civilization
Hundred kids mobbin' out at Kennedy Station
Unaware that they're the descendants of Moses
I gotta revitalize the hood 'fore my eye closes
Young G's please turn your cheek to the posers
The OG's suffers through the rightful and hoeses
The [?] clubs to the head so we can throw monies
Sniff coke, pop pills to drop out and talk funny
Every February you revolutionary as soon as march hit blow the whistle, back on the market
Selling street stories make my brother the target
Putting god first when you on the red carpet
Each one, teach one, love your neighborhood
But love the people more, we steady misunderstood
I heard gunshots echo at the peace rally
Why I'm a POI, what a burden to carry

[Chorus:May Marquart]

[Spoken Conversation]

[Verse 3: Kardinal Offishall]
Depressin', stressin', underachieving
Life make you question what you believe in
People that you know become strangers, when money comes
Unfamiliar actions when the money run low, everybody gone yeah
Where the ghetto money though?
It's just you and got bills and your tax debts
Profits you think you made, the IRS hasn't taxed yet
The system works for the hands of the architects
Ultimately we prosper, no matter the hurdle
Prove yourself with the actions and never the verbal
Men cheat, women lie, numbers get doctored
Stand tall, and be careful who you rock with

[Chorus: May Marquart]

So hold on

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