Hope Lyrics - Kardinal Offishall

Kardinal Offishall Kardi Gras, Vol. 1: The Clash cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-10-30
length: 5:40

[Spoken Intro]
To all of the song system
And all the players send a representative right now(now)
So we can start the war

[Song Intro]
What if my time comes before it's time
So much so that I can't finish my life?

[Verse 1: Kardinal Offishall]
I was writing this sitting on a German airline
I paid thirty euros for my air time
Just got news Barrack won again
While he saying his speech somebody got shot again
On twitter we vex, they still calling us niggas
But an hour later we screaming "sho(u)ts to my niggas"
LOL SMH ETC a red rogue does not make it with VIP (no!)
Vision of leaders with real legacy
Reality will just lead you to drink remmy (huh)
The same city that they president came from
Has multiple homicides possibly with the same gun
Being black outweighs the fame
When you fit the description you know it outweighs the name (huh)
Last seen in a white car wearing all black
Arrest everybody because we are all strapped
I met folks who never left the east coast
Unemployed but ironically eat the most
It's not a trap if you've never seen outside the cage
You don't know my story if you've only seen a page
I guess it's hard to go back to your inner self
When outside influences increase your wealth
I've seen humble cats change 'fore my very eyes
It's like even in a dialogue, wear a disguise
There's still a lot of malcolms in the neighborhood
Troubled by their exes cause the sex was good
Coupled children together but they live very alone
No DNA in Jaggers but fathers were rolling stones
My father deviated from most of what he was shown
Tried to correct it so I would inherit stolen thrones
I see the roses but i'm greeted with the hidden thorns
Watching the heavens rain still trying to weather the storm
They say that it gets the darkest 'fore the brightest light
Both my hands are tied but i'm preppin' for the fight
I'm spending time alone, praying, sending God a kite
Momma told me don't worry but the prize is out of my sight
I'm starting to notice others living in dimming lights
The trumpets blaring in the distance, I welcome the night
When I close my eyes, all hope is realized
I hope when I part my lashes, they materialize
I'm getting by on a dollar and a dream
When the government taxes that, try to intervene

What if my time comes before it's time
So much so that I can't finish my life?
What if my stars collide moons ago? (what if what if)
So now I'm a reflection in your eyes
Is there really a heaven for someone like me?
Will you help me get there?
Is there really a heaven for someone like me?
Will you help me?

[Verse 2: Kardinal Offishall]
I feel like I was born to say more than feelin' you win on bright lights and good whores
For those who ain't never left they shores and feel bound to the mindset of struggle in poor (hey yo)
Never take no, never say can't, never think not, never only have one plan, never listen to your man, never listen to your girl
Nobody was born two at a time to this world yo(no)
Live your life for the first time with every breath that you breathin'
A few million dollars ain't enough for me even
I gotta make so much bread that my kid's kids good when I'm dead
I speak gifted like Andy with occurrences
Oratory dietitian, every word nourishes
Every prince flourishes before he claims king
This is my raspberry beret for the win


[Spoken Word]
You don't know me, but as the dance goes on you're gonna know 'bout me
So my team set up(set up)

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