Karl Wolf - Referee Lyrics

release date: 2004
genres: Electronic Hip Hop Pop
styles: RnB/Swing/Ragga HipHop/Synth-pop
length: 4:03

I never knew how much you're worth Look I'm digging in the dirt And I'm sorry that I messed with you Girl, never wanted to exert my power just to hurt you [Pre-chorus:] who else around you's making promises Do you see a checkered flag waving me in again Don't slam the door on me communicate I can't wait forever more I'm through with this [Chorus:] Referee Please help us get back on our feet Open me up to her dreams My heart has been starving for weeks Referee Tread on a lightly woven thread There's a price up on my head She's claiming independence Sound, is the only way to ground her majesty's loose cannon [Pre-chorus] [Chorus x2] She takes a Puff Of that casual cigarette It's her only friend Gets back into bed Let's just work it out I can't feel doubt We're falling out Review the steps That our friendly doctor set Stop thinking with red Don't go streaking bare And respect me in front of others And don't push me Let's discover us all the way [Chorus x2] We gotto give it time oh oh oh We gotto give
it time oh oh oh [x2]

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Life on a Break
  • 3 Face Behind the Face
  • 4 Desensitize
  • 5 Hollow Girl
  • 6 Bootyful
  • 7 Referee
  • 8 Princess
  • 9 Butterflies
  • 10 Cuz I Luv U
  • 11 Just a Moment Away
  • 12 Summer Days
  • 13 Radio
  • 14 Life
  • 15 Desensitize (club remix)
  • 16 Butterflies (remix)