Who Sang All of Me? Kay Starr

Kay Starr Swinging with the Starr: Kay Starr Swings cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008
length: 2:26
writer: Gerald Marks, Seymour Simons
All of me - why not take (come on get) all of me
Can't you see - I'm no good (just a mess) without you

Take my lips - I want to lose them
Take (Get a piece of) my (these) arms - I'll never use them

Your good-bye - left me with eyes that cry
How can I - get along (ever make it) without you

(You know) You took (got) the part - that once was (used to be) my heart
So why not - why not take all of me

CD 1
  • 1 Sweet Lorraine
  • 2 After You've Gone
  • 3 I Cried for You
  • 4 There's a Lull in My Life
  • 5 Love Me or Leave Me
  • 6 All of Me
  • 7 Honeysuckle Rose
  • 8 Baby, Won't You Please Come Home
  • 9 I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)
  • 10 St. Louis Blues
  • 11 Stormy Weather (Keeps Rainin' All the Time)
  • 12 Sunday
  • 13 There's Yes, Yes in Your Eyes
  • 14 Nobody's Sweetheart
  • 15 Honeymoon (The Waning Honeymoon)
  • 16 More I Cannot Wish You
  • 17 Three Letters
  • 18 If Anyone Finds This (I Love You)