Who Sang On Dit Quoi? Kaysha feat. Teeyah , Anofela , Top One Frisson

Release information
Release Date: 2003
length: 6:01

First of all i'm faboulous
African that's marvelous
Ha ha, kaysha on dit quoi
On va gater coin, ah
What can i say i rock it
Oh shit, what u wanna stop it
We dangerous, u better be affraid
Of us, don't wanna beef with us
Girls wanna do me, moms wanna do me
Homos wanna do me... too, uh
I kick 'em with the shoe, then i'm thru
What u wanna do, can't stay with u
First of all i'm scandalous
Watch me now i'm dangerous
Comon' what u want from us
Hot music that's furious

Kaysha on dit quoi? on va gater le coin
Kaysha on dit quoi? on va gater le coin

What u need, bounce right here
Bounce to da beat, bounce right there
Listen to the sounds in cocodi
2 plateau, treshville eh c'est bon deh
Mami tell me, who's yo daddy
Who's dat mack, who rocks da booty
Like i care , still i stare
No matter who, nigga's gonna share
First of all, avec tous les /
Mogos, catcher toutes les gos
Turn it up, the sound system
Burn it up, ah, listen
What's my name, kaysha,niggas better
Get ready, tear up the club my duties
First of all i'm lettin' us
Shake our ass that's serious

Kaysha on dit quoi? on va gater le coin
Kaysha on dit quoi? on va gater le coin

First of all i'm the craziest
Baby go u don't wanna test
Vieux pere what u wanna dance
En dombolo ou en mapouka
Pour tout les petit niande, i got
What u like, all i need that's a mic
Then i'm rocky, funky, crazy
Nigga is the shit like fonzie
First of all u can't refuse
Ah ah, niggas gonna blow a fuse
Don't hate me u test u loose
I'm a drug u can abuse
First of all i don't smoke la la
Don't need it just to be kaysh dada
Look at me i'm faboulous
Sue me, if i'm too marvelous

Kaysha on dit quoi? kaysha on dit quoi ?
Kaysha on dit quoi? on va gater le coin

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Fiona
  • 3 88bpm
  • 4 Te quiero
  • 5 In the Air
  • 6 I'm back
  • 7 Beats Forever
  • 8 Je sais qui elle est
  • 9 Heartbeat
  • 10 Revolutionize
  • 11 On Dit Quoi
  • 12 Funky Electronic Kompa
  • 13 Blue Sex Crocodile
  • 14 The Concept
  • 15 Don't Hate me Girl
  • 16 I know U
  • 17 R U ready
  • 18 Musiquarium
  • 19 Outro

  • Release information
    country(area): France
    script: Latin