Who Sang Peppermint Twist? Keely Smith

Keely Smith Twist With Keely Smith / Doin' The Twist With Louis Prima cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Henry Glover, Joseph Di Nicola
Release Date: 1996
length: 2:13
conductor: H.B. Barnum
vocal: Keely Smith
arranger: H.B. Barnum
writer: Henry Glover, Joey Dee
Well they've got a new dance and it goes like this
(Bop shoo-op, a bop bop shoo-op)
Yeah the name of the dance is Peppermint Twist
(Bop shoo-op, a bop bop shoo-op)
Well you like it like this, the Peppermint Twist

It goes round and round, up and down
Round and round, up and down
Round and round and a up and down
And a one two three kick, one two three jump

Well meet me baby down at 45th street
Where the Peppermint Twisters meet
And you'll learn to do this, the Peppermint Twist

It's alright, all night, it's alright
It's okay, all day, it's okay
You'll learn to do this, the Peppermint Twist
Yeah, yeah etc

CD 1
  • 1 The Twist
  • 2 I Know
  • 3 Peppermint Twist
  • 4 Ya Ya Twist
  • 5 Sticks and Stones
  • 6 Twistin' the Night Away
  • 7 Let's Twist Again
  • 8 What'd I Say
  • 9 Twistin' Cowboy Joe
  • 10 Mother Goose Twist
  • 11 Shout
  • 12 When the Saints Go Twistin' In
  • 13 The Twist
  • 14 The Continental Twist
  • 15 Tag That Twistin' Dolly
  • 16 Marie
  • 17 Alright, Okay, You Win
  • 18 Doin' the Twist
  • 19 Let's Twist Again
  • 20 Night Train
  • 21 Route 66
  • 22 Glow Worm
  • 23 The Honeydripper
  • 24 Side by Side