Who Sang Illusion? Keepin' 6

Keepin' 6 Uncensored cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-6-12
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk/Ska
length: 2:40

Flashin' fashion like you're part of the scene
but you're nobody you're just caught in between
whaters cool. you're just a fool and obscene
does anybody even know what i mean?

Is it real or is it fake? Or is it just an illusion?
knock it off for goodness sakes you're caught up in the confusion

rocking around the town with all of your accessories
making sure its known that you're part of the trendy disease
well you think you're all knowledgeable with your phony expertise
well fuck that shit, get on your motherfucking knees please
looking for reaction this is getting extremely
fucking obnoxious and you are not who you seem to be
fucking fake ass bitch think you're so fresh and so
clean clean does anybody even know what i mean?

right back where it all started again
right back to the time when they just started the trend.

CD 1
  • 1 Illusion
  • 2 Scapegoat
  • 3 LT (Stop Tellin' Me Lies)
  • 4 Forget It
  • 5 Look @ Whatcha Got
  • 6 Step Back
  • 7 Handle It
  • 8 EndZone v.II
  • 9 TFY 634
  • 10 Breakdown
  • 11 1086