Loving You Lyrics - Ken Davis

Release information
Release Date: 1993
Genre: Electronic
Style: New Age/Ambient
length: 2:44
The night was black with thunder
The streets were wet with rain
Another day goes under
A little bourbon will take the strain
And I'm waiting for my take-home French fries
She smiled and said 'take me away'
We always laughed but I think she means it
But I'm dreaming my life away
Loving you
Loving you the way that I do

The weekend cars are leaving
In a spray of wind and sound
The bar-talk, make believing
And the drinks go easy down
It's back to the all-night take-away
She says 'Here comes the man of my dreams'
We always laugh but I think she means it
And I'm spending my time
Just loving you
Loving you the way that I do

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