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Release Date: 1994
Baskins Bar and Grill
Sits out on the edge of town
All the cowboys hang out there
It's the coolest place around
We're keepin' it country, country to the core
Our old bartender, he's everybody's friend
He'll let you drink on credit
If you ain't got money to spend

We're keepin' it country
That's the only way we know
We're keeping it country
That's the only way to go
You can hear that rowdy roar
Comin' through those swingin' doors
As they walk that two step
Across the hardwood floor
We're keepin' it country

The parking lot is packed
Every Friday and Saturday night
There's a bouncer standin' at the door
And he don't allow no fights
We're keepin' it country, country to the core
We've got a jukebox in the corner
We got ice cold beer on tap
A big neon star hangin' over the bar
That says "y'all please come back"


We're keepin' it country

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