Rub-A-Dubbin Lyrics - Ken Mellons

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Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country
length: 2:15
I could tell they were nervous
When they saw me at the service
And the preacher asked
If anyone had anything to say
When they said "I do"
I jumped up and said "thank you"
'Cause my alimony just stopped today

He's rub-a-dubbin' in my tub
He's sleepin' in my bed
He's watchin' my TV
He's scratchin' my dog's head
He thinks he's got H-E-R right down to a "T"
But he's just the next ex
Of my ol' used to be

Every morning he gets up
And fires up my ol' truck
He used to work one job
Thanks to her, now he's got two
I'll even let him believe that he stole her from me
But one day I'm gonna send him an I.O.U

(Repeat chorus twice)

He's just the next ex
Of my ol' used to be

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