Mako Shark Lyrics - KEN mode

KEN mode Venerable cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-3-15
length: 2:59
vocal: Jesse Matthewson
guitar: Jesse Matthewson
drums (drum set): Shane Matthewson
bass guitar: Chad Tremblay
recording engineer: Kurt Ballou
mixer: Kurt Ballou
composer: KEN mode
lyricist: Jesse Matthewson
publishing: KEN mode
How they produce such a lasting effect, it's not hard to understand; Just unfortunate. Talk about shattered confidence. Heaving forward in quiet desperation: these are mere fronts; Productive, but fronts nonetheless. Anything to stop my mind from wandering; Anything to keep you out. It's mostly a lesson in toque that applies under these circumstances. The ol' guess and test; A torturous process, as it's proved historically to wear on the patience of this rambler. One line on an empty page: "When can any of this be changed?" When these spiteful pieces of you won't come back down and time stands still. This has been a trap for far too many years. We've seen others abandon ship; But we'll follow this one to the bottom it seems.

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CD 1
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  • 2 Obeying the Iron Will...
  • 3 Batholith
  • 4 The Irate Jumbuck
  • 5 A Wicked Pike
  • 6 Flight of the Echo Hawk
  • 7 Never Was
  • 8 The Ugliest Happy You've Ever Seen
  • 9 Terrify the Animals
  • 10 Mako Shark