Seul Lyrics - KEN mode

Release information
Release Date: 2006-7-25
length: 6:21
vocal: Jesse Matthewson
guitar: Jesse Matthewson
drums (drum set): Shane Matthewson
bass guitar: Darryl Laxdal
mixer: Shane Matthewson, Craig Boychuk and Jesse Matthewson
recording engineer: Craig Boychuk and Craig Boychuk
composer: KEN mode
lyricist: Jesse Matthewson
She came in a dream. She'd be the answer to all of my problems. She loves him, and I need her. It illuminates the way people phase out in the same fashion as they always have. We'll use you when we need you, like that old mini-van left running; aiming south. The past catches up with the present and I'll watch both walk off into the night; crisp flakes covering the ground in their wake. It's almost as if a scarlet letter has been etched in my flesh. Five and a half years to rot. Five and a half years to realize this place is dead. Five and a half years: worthless.
The skies remain held in dismal grey hues, providing visual homage to the squeezing pressure within my skull. Everything works together this time. Working at sending a message: you will lose.
I'll take this mysterious presence as a sign of hope amongst the crumbling walls of security. I'll take your hand. We'll forget this place. We'll never turn back.
"No matter how cynical you become, it is never enough to keep up"- Lilly Tomlin

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