Any Sign at All Lyrics - Ken Stringfellow

Ken Stringfellow This Sounds Like Goodbye cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997-10-4
length: 2:40

Tell me what went wrong
Do you want me not to hear you when you cry?
Did you listen when he spoke?
Am I the question mark you hoped for? No?
I’ll go away
Don’t come home early today
The bastard wasn’t cool
Did he play you like a harbor to a fool?
Though your stomach wasn’t in it
As he played you to your limits
As if having them’s what mode you feel secure
You claim not to want me, are you sure?
Any sign at all, I’ll dream it you’ll live it
Any sign at all and I’ll give it I’ll give it
Any sign at all, if it’s a sign of trouble
I won’t stand in your way when it
Comes your turn to stumble

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