Down Like Me Lyrics - Ken Stringfellow

Ken Stringfellow Touched cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-9-11
length: 3:30

At last I understand the consequences of my love
But how could there be a heaven when they kicked you out
'Cuz you kicked out your chair from above?
Everybody loves to stick with a winner
But you showed me the line between victory and dying
Couldn't get much thinner 'cuz you

You found out how to get down
Down Like Me

When my self-pity became less than full time work
I meditated on the methods and the means
And whether or not it would hurt
Then I got the call they found you swinging out over the earth
So over me you win again
In finishes, forms, in finals and in firsts

You finally had to get down
Down Like Me

"By the time you read this I will no longer be here"
I had to read these words to all your family/friends
Everybody you never held dear
We'll keep an empty place at dinner forever
And I'll maintain and empty chair so you can set in
And we'll never grow old together

You showed 'em how to get down
Down Like Me

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